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Crisgon Dota Toolkit

Pada dasarnya Warcraft normal 3 Toolkit tetapi dengan beberapa AddOns canggih yang dirancang khusus untuk DotA. Program ini telah hampir setiap utilitas yang DotA Player harus memiliki selama pertandingan. Ini termasuk fitur luar biasa seperti CustomKeys, perbaiki FPS, Bot Meepo, Bot Invoker dan banyak lagi.

Sekarang pemain tidak harus membuka beberapa program untuk fungsi tertentu karena program ini memiliki semua dari mereka!

Download Dota Toolkit
Download Dota toolkit

Crisgon DotA Toolkit Features:

Warcraft 3 Tools Crigson• Inventory Hotkeys
Allows you to remap your Warcraft 3 Inventory Hotkeys to any key.

• Mouse Wheel Bind:
You can bind any Keyboard key to your mouse wheel.

• Skill, Autocast & Selfcast.
This allows to set your desired hotkey for skills and then use it for Auto-cast & Selfcast.

• Warcraft 3 CustomKeys (Spell Hotkeys)
Great feature, Permits you to generate CustomKeys.txt for your Spells (abilities) and other action/movement keys. Such as: Q,W,E,R etc.

Crigson DotA ToolkitNote: You need to activate Custom Keys from Warcraft 3 gameplay settings in order to make it work.

• Invoker Super Keys (Invoker Bot)
This allows you to bind hotkey for making Invoker skills (you can make Invoker spells by pressing one key)

• Meepo Super Keys (meepo bot)

1. Poof Boot:
Bind 1 key for all Meepo clone's poof, they will poof to the original Geomancer.

2. Earthbind Bot:
This feature automatically switches to the next Meepo after casting Earthbind, you just need to activate it using a Hotkey.

• Quick Messages:
For spammers only.. Kidding, This will allow you to send Quick Messages by binding a key.

Tip: You can use prefix, for e.g
All: "your text here" - This will send messages in all.
Our: "your text here" - This will send in allies.

• Quick Launch:
Launch any other program by selecting it or copy and paste it's path and clicking launch.

• Toggle Health Bars/CustomKeys
Allows you to switch Health bars & CustomKeys ON or OFF during game using a hotkey.

• Resolution Changer:
You can change your Warcraft 3 Resolution whatever you want. This is intended for Widescreen users only, who don't have their resolution listed on video settings page.

• Improve FPS:
This improves your Warcraft 3 Frames Per Second rate so you can play smoothly.

• Warcraft 3 Window Mode:
Play Warcraft 3 in windowed mode without having any cursor problems.

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